What a great finished look! This custom bench was no easy task. Every piece had to be carefully planned out so that all of the trim pieces were the same size.

First things first, I had to build out the frame. It’s made of 2″ by 4″s, with the bottom front piece being a 2″ by 6″. After that I built up the frame on 2″ by 4″s laying on their side, which creates a “toe kick,” that is found in most kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Once the frame was solid, and very straight, the plywood needed to be added. This was a fairly easy and quick part of the project. The back was screwed in, and the top and sides were all glued and nailed. This creates a nice finished look by using hidden fasteners. Once the plywood was added I could start trimming out the front. This was very quick and all that was necessary was glue and nails.

The hardest part of this project was the drawers. The attention to detail and exact measurements are so important. If the box was not perfectly square, the drawers would not slide correctly. After all of the drawers were square, and working properly, it was time to paint and poly! There were two coats of paint on the drawers faces, and the rest of the bench. The drawers had 3 coats of latex based polyurethane to add a hard coating to prevent scratches, and to make them easy to clean. After almost a week of letting everything harden and dry, we were ready to install!