This shower hadn’t been touched in over forty years!

The most important part of installing shower doors is your attention to detail when pulling out the old, as well as when you’re installing the new door. You can’t risk breaking anything, as well as scratching anything in the surrounding area. Another good rule of thumb is to hang on to all of the screws, tracks, and glass doors, just in case you need to put everything back together.

In the old photos you cam see that the shower doors were too tall, and the frame wrapped over on top of the fiberglass surround of the shower. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I wouldn’t say that it is ideal.

When you pull out the existing shower, you must make sure the installation surface is wiped clean, and all dust and debris is removed. 

The bottom track for the doors is installed only with silicone along the bottom, and held in with painters tape. The wall jams are installed with three screws into the fiberglass, and attach to the bottom track. The top track is then snapped onto the top of the wall jams, and then screwed in. The doors can be installed, and the interior and exterior seams are all sealed with silicone.